iSystems’ manufacturing facility, which is located in Istanbul, is specialized in design, engineering and manufacturing of high quality process equipment for oil & gas transmission, distribution and power generation systems, including:

  • Pressure vessels
  • Oil&gas valves
  • Gas regulators and meters
  • Supervisory control systems and metering system automation solutions
  • Analyzer packages (moisture measurement, hydrocarbon dew point measurement, H2S and sulphur content analysis, O2 content, specific gravity or density measurement, vapor pressure, etc.)
  • Fuel gas systems
  • Oil&gas process skids
  • Gas treatment and regulating systems
  • Custody transfer metering and control systems for oil&gas


Engineering is a supplier of bespoke metering systems tailored to the exact requirements of our customers. iSystems’ skid mounted solutions includes;

  • Upstream&downstream applications, oil&gas facilities
  • Large-capacity industrial gases (O2, H2, CO and N2)
  • Fiscal/custody transfer and in-plant allocation metering
  • Onshore and offshore locations
  • Pipeline, power plants, refineries and chemical industry
  • Ship&truck loading&unloading systems