Quality Policy


‘‘Quality’’ is our basic indicator in Product, Service and Management approaches.

Our purpose is to offer products that meet legal and customer requirements, national and international standards and special customer requests, to act in sensitive way towards environmental issues and to provide services in a Safe and Healthy working environment.

Our Policy is based on “Customer Satisfaction”. Measuring and assessing the ever-changing demands and expectations of our customers contributes to our development.

Our Quality, Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Management Approaches and Principles are as follows:

  • Fulfilling all our legal and other obligations related to Occupational Health and Safety and Environment in our activities,
  • Closely following up the advanced technology in the world, in our country and in the sector; performing product development, design and certification activities;   providing reliable products to our customers by conducting testing activities under a program,
  • “The Happiness of Employees” is the most important condition to achieve customer satisfaction. Enhancing the spirit of participation; increasing the competencies of our employees by continuous trainings for this purpose,
  • Ensuring efficient and productive processes and continuously improving our processes by measuring the work, environmental and occupational safety risks that affect the quality of our products and services and by taking corrective actions, for the purpose of enhancing our organization continuously,
  • Taking preventive measures to avoid unsafe situations and actions that could result in environmental accidents, occupational work accidents and occupational diseases and possible accident risks,
  • Reducing use of raw materials by recycling and re-using our wastes in production as much as possible, not allowing our liquid wastes to mix with underground waters, ensuring efficient use of energy and natural resources and preventing pollution,
  • Continuously auditing our Quality, Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Management System and activities implemented by us and keeping such systems and activities available to audits by relevant parties,
  • Taking precautions required to ensure health and safety of handicapped, Sub Employer/Contractor’s workers and visitors,


Every employee at ISYSYTEMS INDUSTRIES acts in accordance with the EMERGENCY PLAN when notifies a situation or behavior that endangers Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Safety.

Our fundamental principle is to ensure that the principles of our Quality, Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Policy are adopted and implemented by each personnel employed in our organization, mainly our management staff.