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iSystems Industries, a member of Akfel Commodities, is a group of companies that has been providing manufacturing, procurement, engineering, construction and project management activities for the energy market since 1995.

iSystems Industries, headquartered in Gebze, Turkey has achieved more than 250 projects in 17 countries and has gained extensive experience in all issues related to gas & oil infrastructure from distribution to measurement.

iSystems Industries specializes in providing engineering-procurement-installation (EPC) services, consulting & surveillance and manufacturing activities in the energy sector. Offering the highest quality in energy transfer & measurement systems and turn-key plant construction, iSystems provides solutions at every stage of the project ranging from engineering and fabrication to procurement and quality management.

iSystems Industries offers customer centric solutions such as:

      •     EPC Solutions
      •     Manufacturing
      •     Consulting

iSystems Industries offers standard or tailor-made turn-key systems such as:

      •     Compressor Skids
      •     Fuel Gas Systems Skids
      •     Pressure Control Skids
      •     Flow Metering Systems
      •     Flow Conditioning Systems
      •     Analyzer Systems
      •     High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems
      •     Storage Systems
      •     Jetty Loading – Offloading Systems
      •     CNG Refueling Systems
      •     Gas Processing Plants
      •     Pre-Heating Systems
      •     Odoration Systems
      •     Scada & Automation

iSystems Industries offers state-of-the-art products such as:

      •     Pressure Regulating Metering Station
      •     Coalescer Filters
      •     Dry Gas Filters
      •     Cyclone Separators
      •     Slug Catchers
      •     Knoc-Out Drums
      •     Pig Launchers
      •     Water bath Heaters
      •     Heat Exchangers
      •     Other Equipment

iSystems Industries, having confirmed the quality of its products and services with EN ISO 9001:2015, EN ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007, ASME, ASME U, ASME U2, ASME S, ASME PP, API 6D certificates, continues to serve in the energy markets of Turkey, Europe, CIS, Middle East and Africa.

With its proven expertise and reputation iSystems Industries will continue to aim to be one of the leading companies at the World’s future in the field of oil & gas transmission and distribution through further development of its infrastructure. In order to achieve this vision, iSystems Industries carries the mission of providing sustainable energy solutions by creating & investing in subsidiary companies and established partnerships with reputable regional and international corporations.

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