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Pressure Regulating & Metering Station (PRMS)

When dealing with transfer of ownership of liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons, a small level of uncertainty at regulation and metering can result in a significant loss of revenue. It is vital to utilize high precision metering equipment to ensure that the accuracy of the transfer is not compromised, thus ensuring optimized revenue streams.

iSystems Industries is a supplier of bespoke PRMS systems, tailored to the precise requirements of our customers. Our skid mounted solutions incorporate all major, primary flow elements, including; ultrasonic, turbine, orifice, positive displacement meters to meet clients’ preferences, but also ensure the most economical solutions.

As an independent systems integrator, iSystems Industries is able to provide fully customized solution, selecting from all available products. Pre-fabricated skid mounted solutions allow for better quality control and minimization of site installation costs. With multiple systems installed for various projects, our metering systems are synonymous with high quality and reliability.

The stations utilized in transmission lines:
• Border Stations
• City Gate Stations
• Gas Fired Power Plant Stations

The stations utilized in distribution lines:
• Industrial Stations
• Residential District Stations

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