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With vast experience since 25 years, we at iSystems Industries, develop, design and produce mass transfer equipment and can offer solutions for all your filtering & separation problems. Our portfolio includes state-of-the-art products for particle separation, liquid separation, phase separation, liquid-liquid extraction and slug catcher. We provide a complete range of filtration and separation equipment with inhouse internal design to separate liquid droplets, solid particles and other contaminants for oil & natural gas sector.

iSystems Industries’ internal research and development unit supports industrial companies worldwide with contract research, services such as diagnostics and certified testing as well as one-off production and engineering. Also, its design & engineering team is integrated with reputable universities to create and renovate new products by using CAE, CFD and mathematical calculation based on last edition of standars and rules.

Regardless of compelling geographical conditions, iSystems Industries provides; sturdy, sustainable and cost efficient natural gas filtering solutions all around the globe. Designed and engineered to deliver outstanding performance & system control, together with maximum segregation efficiency and the lowest cost, iSystems Industries’ solutions include:

      •     Coalescer Filters
      •     Dry Gas Filters
      •     Cyclone Separators
      •     Slug Catchers
      •     Knoc-Out Drums
      •     Pig Launchers

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