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Energy consumption accounts for a significant part of oil & gas production costs. Minimizing energy consumption through more efficient process heat recovery is critical to profitability in the face of increasing energy costs. Increasing process heat recovery efficiency delivers immediate and significant cost savings that translate directly to the bottom line. iSystems Industries provides advanced heat transfer solutions for oil and natural gas production in both onshore and offshore locations. Lightweight and highly efficient heat transfer surfaces combine with robust and compact designs developed and optimized by iSystems engineering specialists with using CAE and CFD solutions to deliver reliable performance over many years, meeting the demands of the oil and gas industries for maximum heat recovery in demanding process conditions.

iSystems Industries’ heat transfer solutions for the oil & gas sector are based on a complete range of shell and tube type heat exchanger technologies including U type, kettle type, inline heat exchangers and indirect water bath heaters. These range from high-capacity, heavy-duty units to small, compact designs, and are available either as standard solutions or as customized units based on intelligent designs and various materials.

iSystems Industries offers a flexible and comprehensive range of service which can be tailored to suit your project requirements; process design, feasibility studies, detailed engineering, equipment manufacture and supply installation. With decades of experience in oil and gas industry, all the separator internals and exchangers offered are designed and manufactured by iSystems to be installed within the vessel in its final position in our facilities.

iSystems Industries offers the following products in its heating group range:

      •     Water bath Heaters
      •     Heat Exchangers

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