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We do the basic & detail engineering design and generate detailed diagrams and drawings for construction, civil works, instrumentation, control system, electrical facilities, automation, economical evaluation and also various environmental impact mitigation.
iSystems Industries through its vast experience since 1995, could carry out basic and detailed engineering for the following engineering disciplines for his areas of expertise:

      •     Compressor Skids
      •     Fuel Gas Systems Skids
      •     Pressure Control Skids
      •     Flow Metering Systems
      •     Flow Conditioning Systems
      •     Analyzer Systems
      •     High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems
      •     Storage Systems
      •     Jetty Loading – Offloading Systems
      •     CNG Refueling Systems
      •     Gas Processing Plants
      •     Pre-Heating Systems
      •     Odoration Systems
      •     Scada & Automation

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