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iSystems Industries’ organization focus is on long-term customer satisfaction, product quality and value.

iSystems Industries has more than 20 years of experience in national and international energy projects. Together with our other activities in the fields of energy, we have also been providing automation solutions and services to our customers around the World by using our experience in the energy markets.

iSystems Industries has successfully completed engineering, installation and commissioning activities for energy automation / SCADA systems and a variety of large energy companies.

We aim to solidify our position as a major player in the development and turnkey supply of information management solutions and RealTime automation control for the oil gas transmission/distribution industries.

Flow computers, Supervisory & HMI systems, as well as other automation equipment form an integral part of our metering & control solutions. Our packaged systems are generally supplied complete with microprocessor-based flow computers, which form the actual “cash register” or metering systems. We have utilized with most, widely used brands and latest technologies.

These systems can be limited to simple controls and operations, performend by the station flow computers, but they may also include extensive PLC or DCS-based process control and PC-based Supervisory & HMI systems for station control, monitoring, automation of verification and calibration and communication with the main plant control system.

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